“Health & Safety in the work place is not a nice to have anymore, it’s become a must have.”

This is no longer just a statement, it has become a way of life. And “life”is exactly why it has become important.

The amount of time and money that is lost by companies and workers due to poor H & S protocols is avoidable through training and maintaining the proper H & S measures needed for the specific industry.

We offer the following services & tests through a registered Occupational Health Practitioner.

Pre-employment, Periodic (yearly) and Exit Medicals – Including Annexure 3 for construction sites (Certificate of Fitness)

* Spirometry (Lung Test)* Audiometry (Hearing Test)* Multi Drug Test
* ECG Cardiac Monitoring* Cholesterol Test* Glucose Test
* Alcohol Breathalyzer Test* Laboratory blood and urine tests* Vision Screening (Essilor Vision Smart)
* Compiling of Safety Files
Site Specific and Specific to type of Industry
* COVID testing

We also offer a full range of PPE that includes gloves, masks, clothing, reflective jackets etc.